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  • Enjoy the magical transformation into a fairy tale character
    with your photos.
  • Change yourself into Peter Pan with innovative imaging
    technologies featuring shooting (compatible with iPad2
    and new iPad), image retrieval, facial contour adjustment,
    facial expression selection, and scale and angle adjustment!
  • Joy, astonishment, and anger. You can use a variety of
    emotions for your facial expressions.
    Get into the fairy tale and become a real character.
  • See! Listen! Play! Touch! Shake! Tilt! Click! Attach! Drag!
    Unique interactive technologies developed to be intuitively
    controlled by a child’s touch!
  • Optimal combination of "story" and "interaction!"
    This app removes redundant touches unrelated to the story
    so that kids can "focus" more on the interactive story.
  • "Intuitive interaction" inspires the imagination +
    "Intuitive interaction" full of emotional experience.
  • Kids will run their own stories on their own and interact
    with fairy tale characters for a fantastic experience.
  • This app features visually and aurally appealing content
    and easy interfaces.
  • Parents can record affectionate voice messages for
    their kids through the recording function.
  • This app supports recitation, auto reading, auto page turn,
    unhide/hide text, turn on/off music, and other features.
  • Mustache and sunglasses! Crown and pirate hat!
    Necklace and flower decorations!
  • Easy, normal, and hard mode. 15 fun magic puzzles!
  • Make up your face with exciting fashion items!
  • Develop your artistic talent through painting games
    with fairy tale scenes.
  • Images can be shared through Facebook or e-mail.
    You can share great images of your kid in the fairy tale.
  • Fantastic character & graphic designs!
    The fairy tale characters are designed to appeal to
    kids with their lovely and cute appearance.
  • Large-scale orchestra soundtrack music
    and over 150 kinds of audio effects!
    The dramatic plot and rich sound effects
    immerse children in to the story.
  • All the voices are recorded by professional voice actors.
  • The book is 28 pages long and embraces
    the essentials of the original story.
  • The fun continues! Surprising ending credits
    bring joy and excitement!